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Duoform, Ltd., výroba výsekových nástrojov pre výsek obalov, návrh dizajnu obalov a výroba neštandardných výsekových nástrojov obalu pre polygrafický priemysel

For packaging of your product we provide manufacture of cutting dies - tools for cutting out packaging made of different types of carton and other materials (solid cardboard, corrugated cardboard, litho-laminated corrugated board, foil, rubber,labels, plastic film etc.)

We do manufacture stripping and separation tools for automatic diecutters (Bobst, Wupa, Young Shin).

Cutting dies could be prodived with intergated relief embossment - matrix and patrix.

Cutting dies tools

flat cutting tools for:

  • for paper (to 220g/m2)
  • for carton (from 220 to 600g/m2)
  • for cardboard (from 600g/m2)
  • for corrugated cardboard

standard laser cutting (CNC machine LaserComb HSP) - material finnish birch plywood

Cutting tool for folding carton Cutting tool for folding carton

cutting tools with integrated relief embossment:

  • relief embossment
  • blind blocking
  • gold plating

Note: We do not manufacture tools for relief embossment, we use external suppliers. Supplied relief tools are integrated into manufactured cutting dies.

Cutting tool with integrated relief embossment Cutting tool with integrated relief embossment

stripping tools:

complex solution of waste material removal from packaging (automatic diecutters):

  • lower stripping board (bottom strip)
  • upper stripping board (upper strip)
  • front waste separator (waste separator)
Complete stripping tool for corrugated board Complete stripping tool for corrugated board

separation tools:

complex solution of individual segments separation (automatic diecutters).

Separation tool Separation tool

counter preparation for cutting tools:

complex solution of counter preparation for the best scribing taking into consideration material used, project volume and die design.

  • cito ribbons
  • pertinax
  • mild steel plates
Counter preparation for cutting tools (pertinax) Counter preparation for cutting tools (pertinax)

tools for cutting out labels form different types of materials

  • tools for cutting out self-adhesive labels
  • tools for cutting out plastics, rubber and similar materials


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